Depart Jan 18, 2019 to Mumbai and Arrive Mumbai January 20, 2019
I. One day Sightseeing Mumbai-Elephanta Caves and Gateway of India through an adventurous boat ride (Jan 20, 2019)


We may visit "Bhaktivedanta Hospital" and "Food for life" (two of the most important and beautiful projects founded by Radhanath Swami for sharing the gifts of God to the whole world).

II. Half day sightseeing in Delhi (Jan 21, 2019)

Depart Mumbai on Jan 21 early morning and reach Delhi by 9 AM. We will head straight from airport in a 30 seater bus to go around Delhi. We plan to see Parliament House/India Gate/Qutab Minar and Lotus temple. We will head out in the evening to our next destination.

III. Vrindavan-The land of Krishna Calling (Jan 21-23, 2019)

Drive to Vrindavan on Jan 21, 2019 late evening and check in the hotel to rest (Bhakti Dham residency).

We will spend 2 days and 3 nights in the most sacred of villages with over 5,000 temples celebrating the birthplace of Lord Krsna- Mathura (Site of Krishna's appearance and a short trip to Elephant conservatory), Barsana (Site of Radha's appearance-we have to hike on a small hill), Vrindavan and Govardhan (place where Krishna had his beautiful pastimes with his intimate friends); . We will visit temples, holy rivers and holy sites, hear stories, kirtan and partake in pilgrimage around the sacred town. We will also get the opportunity to serve local people, children at Sandipani Muni School and the cows.



III. Seven wonders of the world-Taj Mahal, Agra (Jan 24, 2019)

We will drive 2 h from Vrindavan to a city called Agra where we will see Taj Mahal (an ivory-white marble mausoleum on the south bank of the Yamuna River) and other places (Agra Fort, Fateh pur sikri etc).

IV. Cultural afternoon/lunch with our family (Jan 25, 2019)

We will drive back from Agra to Delhi. We will head straight to spend half a day for lunch with our parents at our home in Delhi followed by which we will leave for our next destination.

V . Mumbai's Famous Flower Festival (Jan 26, 2019)

We will fly from Delhi to Mumbai late evening (Jan 25, 2019) and Stay in Mumbai for one night in a 4-star hotel close to the temple (Krishna Palace hotel).

We will walk early morning from the hotel to the beautifully carved sandstone temple and monastery founded by Radhanath Swami in late 80's in Mumbai for the world's famous Flower Festival! Thousands and thousands of colorful flower petals showering Radha Krishna deities and the entire temple room! The pictures make it look like the most ecstatic flower-fight- celebration ever 🙂 We will get to hear wonderful discourses from Radhanath Swami and relish the mood of celebration with God in the center.

We will get chance to do seva (service) at the temple. 


VI. International Bhakti Yoga retreat with Radhanath Swami's at his award winning GeV (Jan 27-30, 2019)

4 days of diving into the essence of India's Yoga traditions with Radhanath Swami and other world renowned teachers.

Govardhan Eco Village is situated on 50 acres of  pristine farmland and aims to demonstrate the principles of self-sufficiency and localized economy to the world. We will stay in eco-friendly cob houses in the naturally charming village, eat local dishes made from organic grains and vegetables grown on the land and tour the facilities to see how a group of bhakti-yogis are making a difference towards a greener world. We will practice yoga daily, hear from Radhanath Swami, choose from an array of life changing workshops, swim in the inviting bio pool and have the option to receive Ayurvedic treatments at their world class Ayurvedic Center.


VI. One day sightseeing and shopping in Delhi (Jan 31, 2019)

Depart GEV early morning to catch flight from Mumbai to Delhi (Jan 31, 2019).

We will continue another day of excursion and shopping exploring the capital of India seeing historically important places like Red Fort, Mahatma Gandhi’s memorial and shopping at ethnic market places (Delhi Haat).

VII. Fly out to respective destinations in night (Jan 31, 2019)

Head to the airport late night on Jan 31, 2019 to catch the flights back to your home Countries.

Our trip comes to an end and we hope you all have enjoyed the virtual tour so far!!



We are twin sisters born and raised in Delhi, India. After completing our doctorate; we both moved to the USA. After working for the Ohio State University for the first two years, we moved to Chicago, now employed by the Northwestern University as Research Scientists in the Department of Cell and Molecular Biology and Dermatology. In our 28 years of life in India, we never found a single unhappy person in spite of poverty, struggle for existence and challenges. On the contrary, here we saw most people had moderate if not good facilities, luxuries and comforts; still it was so hard for us to find people who were actually happy, contented, selfless, personal, not anxious or depressed. The paradox of our time is: Tall buildings shorter tempers, big houses broken families, wider freeways narrower viewpoints, more medicines less wellness, added years to life forgot to add life to years, more conveniences less time, multiplied possessions reduced values, conquered outer space but what about the inner space? The universal truth is that we all are eternal souls searching for happiness with a strong innate desire to love and be loved. But, where and how do we find: long-lasting happiness, love that is selfless and life which is devoid of miseries? This trip will open your eyes and broaden your perspective and help you to get  answers to these timeless questions. You would be exposed to a culture of selfless giving which will help you to really believe “In giving we receive”. We will return with newer paradigm based on the principle of; “simple living and high thinking, transforming arrogance into humility, greed into generosity, hate into love, vengeance into forgiveness, selfishness into selfless compassion".



One of my morning mantras is "Lord I love you. I surrender and trust you will place me where I need to be amongst your children at all times". Our meeting with Shivani and Shivangi at the sacred Joshua tree 3 years ago has powerfully transformed my wife's and I's lives. Their endless devotion, dedication, knowledge and enthusiasm is other worldly. They have kindly taken us to their parents home in New Delhi while guiding us through Vrindavan, Govardhan Hill, Kolkata and Mayapur. They have become family. If you are going to be traveling with these divine angels, prepare to laugh quite a bit as well and eat the yummiest of all foods. They are true protectors, my sisters and my idols..................Joe Semler, Los Angeles, California

Shivangi and Shivani are truly guardian angels,  I feel so blessed to have them in my life as my dear sisters. We met in 2015 and our first trip to India would not have been the same if it wasn't for these two gracious souls. They took my husband and I in as family,  made us feel safe, meanwhile showing us all of the beautiful treasures India has to offer.
Every year I look forward to the opportunity to go back to India with Shivani and Shivangi. I am constantly in awe of their knowledge and their generosity. I am forever grateful for these two angels, they truly are the definition of gracious selfless service,  I feel spiritually charged in their presence .  If you have the opportunity to travel to incredible India with them you will have once in a lifetime memories that are priceless! The sights, the laughs, the smells, the beauty, the delicious food, and the abundance of joy is something I hold dear in my heart and I will cherish forever..................
Marissa Craig, Los Angeles, California

My trip to India was spiritually and mentally transformative. I did not know what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised by the kindness of people. Shivani and Shivangi prepared the trip well, answering all our questions. The girls put their heart and soul into the trip to make sure we had a positive experience. They keep you safe, informed and care for you like you're family...................Ildiko Puskas, Elgin, Illinois

In 2017, I received very distinct blessings of getting to attend my first spiritual retreat with Radhanath Swami Maharaja in India. The sites and the talks were incredible and all the bus travels were taken care as part of the trip. The spiritual food was amazing and filled with divine love. I am humbled to experience Radhanath Swami's daily classes for hours, followed by dancing in bliss in kirtans, everything was incredible. I feel so grateful I got to experience the trip and I highly recommend it for anyone who is even slightly interested. This is definitely a once in a lifetime trip not to be missed. The amount of spiritual growth that came from this trip was unparalleled. Grace and mercy abounds! ..............Marla Shuman, Buffalo Grove, Illinois

$1500 (minimum)- $1800 (maximum)
What is included in this? (Almost everything!!**)
****includes items I through VII as mentioned in Schedule tab*****
  1. Round trip airfare to India
  2. Visa fees
  3. Registration for the Yoga retreat (Includes Daily Yoga classes, Japa meditation, Spiritual discourses, Nature walk, Bio-pool, Ayurvedic cooking classes, Tour of Ecovillage, serving in animal sanctuary etc.)
  4. Round Trip from Mumbai to GEV (Wada county)
  5. Accommodation/Stay in Jungle Villa at GEV for 6 days
  6. One night Hotel stay in Mumbai
  7. Cab from Mumbai hotel to the airport
  8. Flight tickets from Mumbai to Delhi
  9. Cab from Delhi-Vrindavan
  10. Two nights guest house stay at Vrindavan
  11. Cab from Vrindavan to Agra
  12. Entry fee to Taj Mahal
  13. Train fare from Agra to Delhi
  14. Sight seeing and travel in Delhi (cab fares)
  15. One night stay in Delhi
  16. Cab to Delhi airport
  17. Delicious sumptuous love filled vegetarian meals all throughout the trip
  18. Opportunity to build life-long friendships
  19. Seva (Opportunities to serve the local people at various holy places)
  20. Parikrama (Pilgrimages through and around temples and holy places)
  21. Daily Yoga Practice with Deborah Charnes
**Option to receive Ayurvedic Treatment at GEV (at an extra cost)
  1. No hidden/extra costs.
  2. We will send you the links for reservations and guide you through the whole process so that you can make your own bookings. So you know when and where you spend!
  3. There is no fee involved in trip organization; it is part of our service to give you a life changing experience as was given to us by our revered teacher Radhanath Swami.
  4. Personal association and guidance by both of us through orientation and conference calls; especially needed for the first timers to India (safety issues and dealing with the locals).
Everyone who is not an Indian citizen needs a visa to visit India.
Look into getting your “TOURIST” visa today! The sooner the better. Click on the link below to start!
Regular Visa fees is around 60$ (6 months multiple entry)-150 $ (10 years multiple entry).
 You can also get an e-visa. It is fast but better to get it sooner than later.

Field information for the Visa Application

Name: Anil Agarwal
Address: C-31, Pushpanjali Enclave, Pitampura, Delhi 110034
Telephone: 91-9818562824
  1. Confirmation of Participation-CLOSED!! (We are full for this year, new registrations will be towards 2020, Last updated-September 20, 2018)
  2. 50 % Advance payment for stay at GEV-October, 2018
  3. Purchase of Air tickets-April-May, 2018 (Prices vary; earlier the better!)
  4. Hotel bookings-Mumbai, Vrindavan, Delhi-May-June, 2018
  5. Apply for Visa-October, 2018

***Since the retreat at GeV is already overbooked, we have got only 8 rooms on hold which means we can have only 24 people with us, so the first 24 people to confirm their attendance (100% sure) would be allotted spots in those rooms right away (3 people in each room). The payments are expected at the time mentioned above for confirmation of the spot. 

Do I need vaccinations/shots before travel?

It is not mandatory/law to get vaccinated. But if you feel comfortable and safe, you may get them at any local travel clinic in your city.

How will be the weather most likely?

Mumbai-January is the coolest month of the year with mean daily minimum being 16.4 °C (62 F) and mean daily maximum being 30.6 °C (87 F).

Delhi/Vrindavan/Agra-Winter starts in early December and peaks in January, with average temperatures around 12–13 °C (54–55 °F). Although winters are generally mild, Delhi's proximity to the Himalayas results in cold waves leading to lower apparent temperature due to wind chill. Delhi is notorious for its heavy fogs during the winter season. In December-February, reduced visibility leads to disruption of road, air and rail traffic, so we need to be alert to such weather conditions.

You would need a light jacket for the evenings. It is very pleasant and tolerable (actually the best time to visit India).

What should I wear while I am in India?

When packing for a trip to India, the country that is hot and humid you would need clothes that will keep you cool, but be sure to leave your tank tops, shorts and miniskirts at home. In this conservative country, both men and women wear loose-fitting clothing and keep their shoulders and legs fully covered. For female tourists, this rule is especially important, as it can mean the difference between enjoying your trip and experiencing unwanted attention and harassment. If you keep a few things in mind and not wear skimpy clothing, you can stay cool, comfortable and culturally appropriate throughout your time in India.

Where do I get my currency exchanged?

Currency can be exchanged at the Mumbai Airport (Thomas Cook counter) once you land in India (the first port of entry).

Can I get WIFI or internet accessibility?

All the places we are visiting are WIFI enabled. You can use Whats app (calling/texting), emails. For making International calls in no internet zones, you may like to talk to your service provider.

**Remember to bring a universal travel adaptor to charge your phones and laptops. India has 220 V.

Any other important things I need to pack?

Toilet paper, personal medicines or any speciality items, mosquito repellant spray, activated charcoal, electrolytes, umbrella, water-bottle, hats and sunglasses, Yoga mat. 

Of course enthusiasm and positive spirit! 


Our very dear friend Deborah Charnes has so graciously volunteered to teach Yoga (during sunrise on banks of holy river Yamuna in Vrindavan and in GeV) as a part of her selfless service/seva to Radhanath Swami. Please visit her website to know her more and her mission!

Embrace Spirituality: Journey to Divine India